Imagine you just met by chance a potential employer and had 30 seconds to introduce yourself and make a positive and memorable first impression. Were you able to do it? If you had a prepared elevator pitch you would!

An elevator pitch is a short introduction that summarises who you are, what you do and what you are looking for. It is a critical tool when you are job hunting as it enables you to quickly and succinctly articulate what makes you unique and why you’d be the perfect candidate.

Planning your elevator pitch is essential to ensuring that you are prepared and able to deliver your pitch at any time – in a job interview, at a networking event, or even in an elevator. Capitalising on a chance encounter with a recruiter, hiring manager or corporate executive could open the door to a new role, career or promotion.

Having a few variations of your elevator pitch for different audiences is also important. The same pitch is not necessarily appropriate for all – focusing on the benefits to your audience and the value you offer will ensure relevance and interest.

Once you have your elevator pitch crafted, practice it as often as possible to friends and colleagues. The more you practice your pitch the more natural you will sound; you ultimately want your introduction to ‘roll off your tongue’. It also enables you to refine your pitch based on feedback.

You don’t know when meeting someone will result in a new job or winning new business, hence having a prepared pitch that showcases your skills, experience and what you can offer a potential employer, is an essential tool in your kit. To quote Daniel Flynn, Co-founder Thankyou, in Chapter One: “Opportunity doesn’t always meet you when you are ready. This was the moment so I dropped the elevator pitch.”